For me photography is all about bringing out that inner person inside you .U could be a Rockstar, a Diva , an Actor or a Dancer , my goal is all about getting that person out . Thats why i love portraits , for me best pictures are ones which have life and tell your story to people who look at them ..... So want to find out that inner you ;) let do it

What We Do

"Capture :
- To attract and hold: tales of adventure that capture the imagination.
- To succeed in preserving in lasting form"

Our goal as photographers is to capture amazing and real moments in peoples lives. To explore our own creativity while documenting your new beginnings, adventures, and happily-ever-afters. Each photograph tells your personal story and will hold memories that last a lifetime. We pride ourselves in the love and care we have for people and getting to know them on a personal level to create stunning images. Pictures that make you smile, laugh, cry , and feel... Those are the kind of images we love.

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What We Use...

- cam-nikon d5300
- lens- nikkor prime f-1.8g 50mm
- reflectors - 7 inch (silver, gold, diffuser, black)
- flash - yongnou y-560-3
- polarizer - all colors
- lens hood - available
- flash gel - all colors


RDS Dinesh education and love for photography began in high school. He had the amazing opportunity to attend a school where Art was the focus. While at school, he was able to study many different forms of art including painting, sculpture, graphic design and photography.

RDS Dinesh immediately continued his photographic and artistic education at GITAMS, Hyderabad. While he was there, he was able to hone his technical and creative skills and discover his passion for portrait photography. He has continued to shoot and grow as a photographer. Falling more and more in love with shooting weddings with each amazing day.